Pricing varies by job, starting at around $150. I can be ‘cheap’ or ‘expensive’ depending on what you require. Variables such as number and type of photos you need, how large an area to cover, what level of detail needed for mapping, how much ‘post’ editing is needed, how long I’m needed, and how far I must travel and other things can affect cost.
Please email me by using the button below, including basic description of what you want and contact information, and I will get with you to quote a fair deal.

Aerial Photography
Video Services

Videotape/Film Conversions

Videotapes are $10 per tape up to 2 hours in length regardless of format. Each addition hour is $5/tape (ex: 6hr VHS tape would be $30)
This includes straight analog-digital capture and conversion to format of your choice (example: avi, mp4, mpeg, etc.) This is the lowest price you will find anywhere.

Movies are $10/50 ft. (small reel) and increases accordingly. ($20/100 $40/200 etc.)
8mm and Super8 mm reel film will be captured digitally frame-by-frame to ensure the best quality capture.

DVD/Blu-Ray copies of your tapes/films $5 each.

Sorry, we don't send 'free' shipping boxes to send the things in. Instead, we cut our prices to save you more than the shipping costs. Box them up and ship how you choose, and you can feel confident they'll arrive safely. (Local drop-offs accepted). Return shipping is always FREE.

We pride ourselves in our discretion, and your privacy is of our utmost concern. What is seen, will be unseen. What happens here, stays here.

Photo/Slide and Negative scanning

Photos, negatives and slides are soft-brushed, and air-dusted before scanning. Basic color-correction included if original not too degraded to obtain best scan possible. *No other image correction done with this service.

Slides and negatives scanned at 4800 dpi, photos scanned between 600-1200 dpi depending on size. (higher/lower resolutions available if needed).

Pricing: $.25 (twenty five cents) per scan - photo, slide, or negative.

You will get a link to download zip file with your digitized photos, and your originals will be safely packaged and returned to you. Or, if desired, I'll burn the files to a DVD for backup at no extra charge. Again, privacy and discretion are assured.