Have Drones, Will Travel

Aerial Photography Services

Do you have a need for aerial photos or films?

Real Estate, Insurance, Inspection services, mapping, survey services, weddings, birthdays, boat and vehicle photos from a β€˜new’ angle? We do all of these and more. FAA licensed and insured, over 100 hours flight-time piloting quadcopters, able to shoot up to 4K video, and 20MP pictures. This insures the highest quality images for inspection and mapping purposes, and also showcases your properties, weddings, whatever in their best light. Please contact me following link below for pricing and scheduling as each job has different needs and airspace requirements, thank you.

Below are some random samples of my shots and videos. Of course, more are available on my YouTube channel. High-res images, prints, mugs, etc. available on request until I have a gallery/storefront built.

Capture (4).PNG