Who Am I, and Why are You Here?

In short, I'm just an 'old guy' with time on his hands, who knows how to do things, and would like to present his work and offer his services to YOU at the lowest possible price and still maybe pay a couple bills. They gave me nickname The Doctor, not because of my love for Doctor Who, but because as a computer tech, I would bring dead things back to life. Over my lifetime I've done many, many things and am sort of a 'jack of all trades'. When something is wrong, and needs to be made right, they come to me.

You're probably here because you followed a link about one of my services, and I sincerely hope you like what you find.

 8mm, Super8, VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, and mini-DV conversion available.

8mm, Super8, VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, and mini-DV conversion available.

video conversions

Your memories are precious!
Convert your old videotapes to digital format to preserve and share them with family and friends. Once digitized, you no longer have to worry about the tape breaking or wearing out. Or maybe you no longer have a camera or player for that size tape, but want to see your memories. You will be able to share on facebook or other social media sites with ease.


I've done a bunch of 'fanvids' on my own, and for artist friends to use onstage. As I get better, I will be offering my talents as editor.

In the meantime, this is where I'll link to some of my stuff, and if you think I 'have what it takes' for your project, please contact me.